profilepicImagine Pools of Ct. is Connecticut's only certified Imagine pool dealer. So what happens when the nation's leading manufacturer of fiberglass pools and the biggest pool supplier team up? well you can only "imagine" . A "signature" line of fiberglass pools were created with the newest most advanced technology to create the future of the pool industry. A pool structure that is created entirely in a controlled environment using "only" the best materials and conditions, a standard that was set forth upon these two companies combining efforts. To further guarantee your satisfaction these amazing pools are solely sold to certified imagine pool dealers.
Hello my name is Vinny Torcasio owner of Imagine Pools of Ct. I have been in the pool business for over 31 years and have seen every kind of pool structure you can imagine, not to mention every problem. I have seen plywood made liner pools to massive steel pools. Many of the issues I have found are due to the outdoor construction methods and limitations. So s why not build a pool in a controlled indoor environment? This would assure structural strength and very consistent interior finish unlike other structures. After years in the pool business I see the future………and that’s installing imagine pools.

Upon you contacting Imagine pools of Ct. you may then either visit there showroom and or request a free appointment with no obligation to you. Determine the shape, size, color and equipment and a quote will given to you……it's that simple. Imagine pools of Ct. can also assist you with your entire project such as fence, permits, patios, landscaping etc.